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    Rafał Serwach

    I’ve a problem with a pages of this section.
    I’ve changed titles and description of forth pages, any others are clean, but changes didn’t done after save.
    What’s strange in a customisation preview everything is all right and my new text apear.
    History, cookies, etc. are removed. New private window is used.
    What’s wrong?


    Rafał Serwach

    Im sorry, Hi everyone 🙂
    I’ll be grateful for any help 🙂


    User Support

    Hello Rafal
    You need to change the icons of facility section with the text and then click on publish. you will be able to see the changes.
    If not kindly mail us your website link and website credentials on support@luzuk.com our technical team will look into the issue.
    Thank you


    Rafał Serwach

    Thank a million 🙂
    After hours of trying to repair this I realized myself there is a code which checking does icons are seted and then display my text, if doesn’t then default text is displayed 🙂
    I don’t know why this is work like that.
    This is a little bit confusing if you forgot to set there your own symbol icons 🙂

    How to put there (after $lz_fitness_facility_leftboxdesc section), a button with link to “Read more” page?
    I’m trying to use this but without effect. Only text link appear.

    <div class=”about-inquiry-btn”>
    Read more


    User Support

    Hello rafal
    We need your wordpress credentials and website link for checking our technical team will look into it how you have added the code
    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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