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    How do you add content to the Project pages? I can create the page but there is no place to add any content.

    Also, in the About Us section of the Home Sections, when you publish, the title shows up as About Usdfd. Need to get rid of the ‘dfd’ and the end of About Us. It also shows up on your demo page. Where can I find this typo?


    I had the same problem with About Us…I found a odd way to fix it just change it to something random and then publish your site. After it’s published go back and change it back to “About Us” then it works. I had this issue with a few things keep their template defaults text. Been doing the same thing to correct it and it seems to keep working out. Sorry not much help but might work for you.

    For the projects page. You go to the dashboard and click projects and there you can add all the content you need. Once that’s done you go to customize, home sections, projects then then add the project.

    Not sure if you have seen this link but this has been very helpful to me…



    Thank you Chris! I will give that a shot for the About Us Page.

    I have been using the documentation and have created Projects successfully. The problem is that if I create a project page, there is no place to insert content. Just the project title, Featured Image and Author.

    If you look at the documentation under Our Projects – STEP 4 you can see in the screenshot that there is no place to add content. This is exactly what I am getting.

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    I am having the same issues with project. I’ve added some details but they are not showing up on the individual project page.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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