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Thank you for the information!

I followed the instructions, but I’m still struggling with a few things. Any suggestions you may have will be very appreciated.

#1 – When I think “Slider,” I’m thinking that it’s a collection of images that slide in one by one, stay a few minutes, and then slide to the next image.

Following the instructions, when I click on “Featured Image,” only one image is displayed. I can’t seem to choose multiple images, and the “Featured Image” is static. It doesn’t slide; it just stays there.

#2 – When I click the add “Slider Text,” the text appears beneath the image. It doesn’t actually display on top of the image, much like the text does in the Theme image. I love that look – is there a way to get the text to display on top of the image?

#3 – I can see that there are “Custom Fields” at the bottom like “cstm_btn_link” and “FSL_all_photos_details.” Could those be used to achieve the effect I’m going for? Is there documentation on what those do?

Thank you very much!

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