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Tia Norris

Got it, payment completed. Thank you! Here’s a list of the requested changes:
-On my page under “Online Training Programs” (section title “Our Featured”), can you configure the site to allow for text under the heading, as it does under my “Personal Training Prices”?
-Can we also create space for another video directly underneath my current single video in “About” on the homepage? I’d like to have two videos in that section. On the desktop version, is it possible to place the second video under the first video?
-Is there a way to also provide ability to link from each entry under “Our Featured”/”Online Training Programs” in my website? As in, could there be a button or at least a link for them, under each of the 9x entries, to get more info or purchase?
-Please also make the “Services” pictures able to be linked/clicked directly to their subpage.

Thanks so much, you all have been very helpful in this design process.