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Norman Robichaud

Okay, so I purchased the Theme Changes via the link you provided. 🙂

My wish list is below. Nothing too complicated.

Note: When I say ‘slide’ I mean the individual slide (one of many) that appears on the slider on the homepage.

Slider – Click anywhere on a slide links to a specified URL (at least the featured image should become a link, better if title does too). I don’t care if I specify the URL in the theme customizer or while editing a particular slide, as long as I can link each slide to it’s own URL. Example, the welcome slide just has the site logo, no link. The next slide links to a page with a hockey product grid. The slide after that links to a page with a baseball product grid… and so on.

Slider – Automatically ‘Scrolls’ to next slide every 5 seconds. I doubt visitors are going to look for next-arrows to click through the slides, it should just advance to the next slide every few seconds and then start over after the last slide continuously.

Homepage – Add a home section right after slider where shortcode can be used to add content. I want to add a product grid (WooCommerce) to the homepage using shortcodes. Like 6 or 9 featured products showing in a grid by using a woocommerce shortcode.

It would also be nice to have the option of disabling the slider like the other home sections. This request is the least important to me if I can have the above changes made.