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Geoff MacFarlane

Hmm, that is strange, they definitely registered that they were sent to [email protected]

1/ I would like to change the size of the font for the title at top left of the Home page (PC Repair) but I haven’t been able to find how.
2/ I would like to try changing the size of the slider on Homepage to make the fit better for PC, although it’s strange it looks like a good size on my phone, but on a PC it takes up most of the screen.
3/ Is there an add on you know of that might make it easier to change fonts and size of things around the website, even though I would still like to know how it’s done manually.
4/ The Contact form sends, but it doesn’t work properly, it doesn’t capture the user’s details at all.
This is what it is received when the form is filled out with all details.
r <[email protected]>

2:06 AM (23 minutes ago)

to me

From: [your-name] <[your-email]>
Subject: [your-subject]

Message Body:

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on PC Repair (http://www.pcrepair.net.au)

Also there is a drop down box that has Mumbai and Nagpur and won’t let you send without choosing one, and I am not sure what it’s for or why it’s there.
I would think Name/Email/Date/Suburb/Subject would be what i would use.

5/ Under Our Services i would like to make the dimensions of the boxes a bit smaller, i couldn’t see where I do that sorry.

Any help or direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated.