Hardware Store Wordpress Theme

Hardware Store Free Theme as the name of theme suggests is designed for people in the hardware business wanting to capitalize on the power internet and add fuel to their business. Today a large chunk of sales in every category is happening online. All categories of business are doing great, drawing a substantial part of revenue through online business, Hardware stores being no exception. So if you own a physical hardware store, do consider creating an online store too for your own benefit and growth.

Hardware store owners who have created an online presence for their business have grown beyond imagination that too at a very fast pace. If you also want to take your hardware store closer to hardware buyers looking to shop and order products online, hardware store free theme will be a great choice for you. This theme comes with numerable benefits.

First of all the theme is FREE to own for lifetime. If you have registered domain name and hosting space, then you can download this hardware store free theme, install it, place images and information like product description, profile, and upload it. Within minutes you can go live. Then you can promote your hardware store online like any other business. Second is that hardware store free theme is a DIY theme, meaning you can manage it without help of web designer or technical, coding or any such specific skills.

Our designers have been very aware while building a layout to ensure the look appeals to and builds impression and confidence in the mind of the hardware product buyer. Our hardware store free theme is perfect platform that will get you started and drive your business towards success. You can neatly and professionally display as many types of hardware products as you deal in via this theme like Industrial, electrical, plumbing and so on.

It’s a light theme meaning it’s quick to download, install and upload. Layout, Color Theme, Call to Action buttons and other features have also been carefully curated to ensure store owner, store visitor and shopper – everyone has a seamless experience. Woo-commerce compatibility makes ordering safe and easy. As we know most business happens via mobile phone. Therefore our mobile friendly design also ensures ease in shopping through mobile phone.

We invite hardware store owners to explore the thoughtfully crafted practical features of our free theme today!