Hexagon business wordpress theme

One of the prime advantages with the free hexagon WordPress theme is that you can start a business without any kind of investment on this part because of its availability in the online international market for free. Because of the minimal and professional nature of this theme that is not only responsive but multipurpose as well, it has earned acclaim from the global customers and has wide applications in the areas like personal blogs; product oriented sites as well as corporate websites.

Free hexagon WordPress theme is a clean theme with the testimonial sections and is social media and SEO friendly oriented. It has the faster page load time and is not only mobile friendly but animated as well making it good for different type of business websites. Free hexagon WordPress theme is accompanied with the personalization and customization options besides being CTA and Bootstrap oriented. Though it is free, yet many of the features accompanied with it are the same as with the premium version of this theme. It is accompanied with the high code quality and also has easy to read documentation with extension benefit. Since the time it came in market, it did well as per popularity index. 

Premium Feature List

Banner Slider

Theme Options

Custom Innerpage Banner

Custom Colors and Images

Fully Responsive

Hide/Show Sections

Woocommerce Support

Limit to display number of Post

Multiple Page Tamplate

Coustom Read More link

Code Written With WordPress Standard

100% Multi Language