Digital Salon Management App – Manage your bill for all Customers

Digital Salon Management App – Manage your bill for all Customers

Digital Salon Mobile App has been developed to equip and empower Salons, Spas, Wellness Center owners and managers to exercise better control on their business. As the name suggests the app can be downloaded on owner or manager’s mobile phone. This single salon management app will empower the salon owner to manage billing, customer management, inventory management etc.

Salon owner can view all the activities and operations in real time from any remote location. Total spending of every client. All data is easy to feed in this user-friendly app.

Once data is correctly fed, salon manager and salon owner can generate various reports.   Reports help you view total business done per day, per hour, per week, over weekends, every fortnight, monthly and so on. Similarly you can generate report about every employee to evaluate their performance and productivity. You can get report on how much a particular customer spends every month and which are the services s/he generally avails. If a customer prefers to get specific services from a particular employee, that can also be found out through this app.  Cash credits, all transactions can be viewed in real time.

Our Digital Salon Mobile App offers salon owners a deep and detailed insight into their business. This not only gives instant access to information he/she requires in several formats, it also gives the owner of salon better control over the business. Tracking everything from remote location right from which customer came at what time and spent how much and which employee is deputed for the job etc. is a huge convenience.

Detailed revenue reports can also be viewed through this mobile app. Correct financial status can help in making correct decisions.  Digital Salon App is scalable. Meaning if your business grows, customer traffic grows, revenue grows the app is programmed to handle large data without a glitch.

All salon owners who want to manage their salon professionally in a competent manner should download and start using this Digital Salon Mobile app. It will create a professional ecosystem for your business and you will be able to streamline every operation that happens inside with utmost accuracy. This mobile friendly Salon Management App downloads fast, is light-weight and won’t consume much space in your mobile phone.