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    Franca Wißmann

    Hey Luzuk-Team,

    About a year ago I’ve tried to fix these mods and contacted you. Back then my client didn’t care so much and I dropped it, but now they’ve changed their mind. So I’ll have to change a few things in the template. The questions concern your template “Doctor clinic Pro”.

    – In the “Our Facility Section” I would like to change the colour of the turning cross in the middle of the facilities. Currently it’s light blue – in line with the original colour set of the template.
    – In the “Counter Section” same issue. The animated circles have a light blue shade around them, I would like to change the colour.

    Questions regarding both colour changes: Is there a build in function I am not aware of? Or can you provide the code?

    – There is a mistake in the “Blog full width”-Template, because even though I turned appearance of social content off under General config/post page date & social settings, there still appears “Share this article” in plain font underneath every post. (The website is in German, so yeah, I need to remove that)
    – Also I turned off comments everywhere, yet comments (0) is shown underneath every post in list of Blog entries – once again the language used for the website is German, so I need to remove that.

    Concerning both removal questions: Could you provide me with the code?

    Looking forward to hearing from you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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