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    url: https://www.bad-design3d.com/aktuelles/

    I just finished my blog site and have 2 problems in appearance:

    How can i change the color of the post-title and the “read more” text? In the moment it have this purple-kind color.
    When i hover it, the text changes to black. I want it always black.

    The main-title takes automatically the title of the last post (last-child?)
    I would prefer the title of the blog-site: Aktuelles or at least none title.

    I just sent you now my latest checked credentials in a .pdf at 04.04.2019 1600
    Also i included a screenshot of it.

    Thank you

    User Support

    Hello Bettina,

    In our theme already blog template have set. this is our demo blog site

    You can also add sidebar also in blog page

    Currently, you are set blog as simple post page that is why all blog post shows simple.
    “aktuelles” this page is set as simple post page. You have to select blog template from Page attribute in this “aktuelles” page.

    Follow below steps for set blog template set
    Step 1. Go to Dashboard >> Page.
    Step 2. Click Add New button.
    Step 3. Select “Blog Full Width” template at right bottom of page
    Step 4. Click publish button.

    This is our theme documentation you may follow

    We got your message credentials but still it doesn’t get apply. Page contentiously get loading.

    If you have any other issue then send us in our [email protected]

    Thank You.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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