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    Jennifer Case

    Hello again,

    I’m having problems with my mobile menu on http://www.arabizitranslations.com. I have Negocio Business (paid version), and I have customized the menu colors. On a desktop, the menu color is a dark green and the background is white. However, when I look at my website on my phone, the menu is a dropdown menu, and it is all dark green (but the current page is dark green text with white background). I have sub & dropdown menu colors set to white, but you still can’t see any of the page names except the one you are currently on. You can click on different pages, you just don’t know which page it is. Can you help me with this?

    The Laser Gift Shop

    I bought your Panadero Bakery Pro. I have updated the Service section and the Facility section with appopriate information, but it’s not pulling through my information. It shows me my information in the “Customisation” section, but it’s not showing the right info when i go directly on the website. I have hit “publish” and done exactly as the step by step guide- but no luck. website is http://www.londoncitycakes.co.uk

    User Support

    Could you Please mail us your website credentials on [email protected]
    Our technical team will look into it.
    Thank you

    Tobias Anscheit

    Hello, is there any way to remove the Filters over this Picture?
    Vancura Pro Theme.

    Maria Jose Sigotto

    hello, the slides have deconfigured me from the bakery pro theme, they have been placed one below the other and I don’t know how to put it properly, I have searched for information but I can’t find it. I need help

    User Support

    Hello maria,
    Kindly send us your wordpress website login credentials (Including website url, Username & Password) on “[email protected]”, Our technical team will check the issue & solved the issue soon.
    Thank you.

    Marlinda Davis

    Good Day,

    I’m having quite a bit of trouble using the Digital Marketing Pro Theme.

    It is not loading on my site the same as it appears on appearance.

    1) The tab title should be showing as ‘United Family Lawn Care’ I have changed it in the Appearance ‘General Config’ settings and the General Settings.

    2) The slider isn’t loading properly on the live site either. It either doesn’t load or only shows the top of the picture. This happens whether I use the recommended size or not

    3) The home page Testimonials are not loading at all

    4) There’s a yellow background when it should be white.

    5) The footer is transparent and I have no idea why that is.

    Please help me!

    User Support

    Hello Marlinda
    could you please send us your website link along with your wordpress username and password on [email protected] ?
    Our technical team will look into the issue.
    Thank you

    Marlinda Davis


    Leona Roubkova

    how can I change the color of the Site logo/Title?? Luzuk Theme Meditation Yoga Pro

    Thank you,


Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 50 total)
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