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    Mariano arzillo

    Good evening do not see this section? Customize >> Home section >> “””Services Section”””
    But only ur Rooms Section.
    and the services are not writable
    Changes will not reflect unless you select the services.
    Please add the services from “services menu” and then select services to show.


    User Support

    it is a human mistake, our services and our room section is the same thing.
    for writing go to dashboard >> our rooms >> add new >> set title and other details >> set featured image >> click on publish
    repeat the procedure above to add more images with title and other details.
    then go to customizer >> home section >> our rooms >> select those posts you created from the drop down menu >> click on publish to save the changes
    Thank you

    Mariano arzillo

    Ok thanks it was not a criticism, I understood that only the name varies, but it was not specified that the rooms had to be created first, the error is mine that I am following the instructions to the letter.

    Mariano arzillo

    Excuse me if I return to the subject but, go to dashboard >> our rooms >> add new and create the rooms.
    I go to Customize >> Home section >> Rooms Section.
    but, it only makes me select the rooms created, I can’t do what the guide illustrates, thanks for helping me.

    my page

    Mariano arzillo


    Mariano arzillo

    Excuse me, but I imagine there is support for this tema, why don’t you answer?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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