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    Jennifer Gupta

    Hi, am struggling with getting the “features section” to format/display correctly. I have added feature 1-7, however, 4 show on line 1, 2 on line 2, and 1 on line 3.
    For some reason, it is skipping 2 slots on line 2.
    I have reduced the resolution of the pictures to close to 100×100 px (at the penalty of having a washed out looking site).
    You can see this at http://www.gupta-tech.com
    Any help/insight would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Milan & Jennifer Gupta

    User Support

    Hello Jennifer,
    We have tried to open your site but it is not working. Kindly send us the correct one.
    Thank you


    the same problem. Hey guys, could fix it?

    User Support

    Hello Viacheslav,
    Could you please share your site URL with us? So we can check on it directly.
    Thank you.

    Diane Green

    Hi. I’m working with the Child Care Kindergarden Pro theme and after I install the theme, activate it, then import the demo data using either the XML file in the pro zip file or the XML in the demo data file that contain demo data for all the sites, when I make changes to a section like Our Features, the changes show up on the preview but aren’t reflected on the actual web page in this case the home page. I do not have any caching programs running and I have a dedicate webserver with 128GB of RAM so memory shouldn’t be an issue. It seems that the changes get logged to the post and the options tables but the same latin text remains. I’m running Centos 7 with PHP 8.1. I even downgraded to 7.4 but no change. Got to be a template problem with the Home Page template. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The site is deemaxtherapy.com.

    User Support

    Hello Diane,
    Kindly change the icons for each feature item control and then publish. If you continue to use the default icon, it will not show you the content on the live site. So you have to change the icon at least once and publish it.
    Thank You.

    Shelby Hutton

    I have a problem with the features-inn div in my theme. Template comes with 4, I reduced to 3 but they dont span across to center and make it evenly spread with the 3. It is as if the 4th is meant to be there.



    User Support

    Hello Shelby,
    Could you please share your WordPress admin credentials on our support email id: [email protected]? So our technical team will check it on your site and help you.
    Thank You.


    It has taken me more than a day to realize that all I needed to do was to change the icon of the Featured Item to get it displayed..
    Is this “change icon to get it display” stated in the documentation?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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