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    Manjushree J

    How the home site mods like the sliders/ Guantry/Steps and other stuffs be added to the inside pages of the wordpress

    I would like to have one inside.

    User Support

    Hello Manjushree,

    In our theme some of home page section shortcodes are design. You may use it for inner page.
    1. Services >> [SERVICES]
    2. Projects >> [PROJECTLIST]
    3. Team >> [TEAMLIST]
    4. Testimonials >> [TESTIMONIALS]
    5. FAQS >> [FAQS]
    6. Gallery >> [GALLERY]

    You may follow our documentation also for shortcode set up

    Thank You.

    Kim Sidenius

    How about the page “OUR STEPS”?
    Have tryed to inset >> [OURSTEPS] and simalar variations, but it does’nt work.

    Best regards

    User Support

    Hello Kim,
    In our theme, “our steps” section have been design only for home page not for inner page.
    Thank You.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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