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    Joseph Odegbami

    I have tried your suggestion but to no avail. It did not seem to work.
    I am trying to add Menu Item Links to sections of the home page.

    I am using the WOW Floating Menu plug in.

    I looked in your code (template-parts) using the Theme editor as you suggested. I found that all of the parts have section id’s defined for them.
    So I used these as the link reference in my menu. But it did not work.

    I tried including some <div id=”section”> of my own and tried that. But that did not work either, so I need your help please.

    The sections I want to reference are all defined in the menu.
    I have already sent you details to my sites admin panel.



    User Support

    we changed the background color to blue, also the ID’s were spelled wrong so we added the links for you properly please have a look under the plugin settings.
    Thank you

    Joseph Odegbami

    Thank you very much. Well appreciated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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