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    how do i change the pictures in the slider on the main page.

    im not impressed with this theme!!!!!!!!!

    User Support


    For slider image change, You have to follow below steps.

    Step 1. Go to Dashboard >> akhada-fitness-gym-pro Slider
    Step 2. Click on Add New button.
    Step 3. Add the slider name.
    Step 4. Add slider button link.
    Step 5. Add the featured image as a slider.
    Step 6. Click on ‘publish’ button at top right of page. And Enjoy the Slider.

    Here is step by step complete theme documentation. You may follow it.

    Thank You.


    You have to create multiple different sliders, and it will autoslide. EX: Slider 1, Slider 2, Slider 3 etc….

    Ricardo Grammatica

    I followed the instructions in the documentation to make a slider. It shows in the preview section but not on the published website. Even on the preview section, it does not look like your example despite following all instructions.

    Please could you advise? Also, is it possible to build the homepage without the slider? I can use a plugin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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