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    John Richards

    Expert Lawyer Pro: Multiple Issues
    1) Home Page: Services
    The Services are not stacked across, but are on top of each other. I can’t use this feature because it doesn’t work how it does in the demo.
    2) Home Page: Testimonials
    This section also doesn’t work. It lost links to some mysterious images. They are different sizes. I’m not sure what do to, so I have to disable it.
    3) Testmonials
    This page repeats the title in the body. I have to disable the color change because it looks bad. Also, there is a broken image in the testimonial when there was never an image in the testimonial. It’s just annoying that the title gets repeated and I can’t disable it. Doesn’t look professional. It’s bad. I’m thinking of disabling the page.
    3) Services
    This fails for the same reason that it did on the home page. They stack. They are missing images. It doesn’t look good. I have to disable this page too.

    It’s just really disappointing that so much of the interface just doesn’t work.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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