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    Randy Newman

    I’d like to get a refund after installing the template it does not perform as it should. Phone number shows up on 2 lines in the header. Slider when change to a custom banner it has a gray tint to it. Also don’t see how to add multiple images and slider options. It says slider and I expect it to perform as a slider and it does not. 3rd. under services very amateurish in design. Unable to use custom images except the ones in the template design and also no way to easily resize the services boxes without going into the script and recoding it. If all this needs to be done after purchasing it. It is not complete and shouldn’t be ready for sale. Was hoping it would work but it does not. Please fix so customers don’t have these issues in the future. I also when through the support tabs and under one of them you charged a customer to have his issue fixed that was basic and should have already been done since the pro version was purchased. Sorry just disappointed in the design of the template and feel it should have been working since pro version was purchased.

    My email it was created under is [email protected]

    adli hasan

    Dear Sir
    I ask you to help solve this problem – as Icon was added to the main list – and it was removed again, but it still occupies an area from the main menu
    Because of that, the icon kept contacting me from the rest of the icons in the list – we ask you to remove the path of this icon and coordinate all the main menu icons next to some
    Customizing ▸ General Configuration- Header Settings

    User Support

    Hello Randy,
    Kindly send your site URL along with wordpress credentials to our support email-id “[email protected]”. Here is our theme step by step complete documentation “https://luzukdemo.com/demo/computer-repair/documentation/”. It is very easy to understand. You may follow it for theme setup.
    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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