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    Patrick Wyer

    Currently have theme setup with three sliders. The Display on the home page shows four. The first one is duplicated and then the remaining two below it. The slider works fine moving through the three slides. How can I get the home page to either show just one at a time with the slider, or just three of them without the duplicate.

    TEST site is at https://www.autodealsc2.com/wordpress/




    Hello Patrick,
    We have checked your site https://www.autodealsc2.com/wordpress/. In our theme slider is working properly you may check here https://www.luzukdemo.com/demo/software-company/. We need your wordpress credentials to find out the exact issue on your site. Could you please share it with us on our support email id : [email protected]? So we can help you.
    Thank you.

    Patrick Wyer

    Thank you for the quick response. So in my test site the Sliders are showing up sequentially in the HOME page view, instead of just sliding in the home page position. I will take a look at it and if cannot resolve will send the creds to the email above. Thanks!

    Patrick Wyer

    You can close this out. I had the slider listed as the first section under the SECTION SEQUENCE. This configuration caused the SLIDER to display twice. Once I moved up all the sections and removed the slider listing it works perfectly. Thanks for your prompt help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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