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    Oscar Miguel


    I purchased the theme LZ Cleaning Services ProVersion: 1.0. I am unable to change the default image on the top slider on the homepage. It seems to have no place where I can change it. I have looked in the slider section by going to Customizing ▸ Home Sections > Slider Section
    but found no option to change the slider image, only the background image of the city, but I am trying to change the image of the girl in red.
    After that I thought perhaps going to the Slider section under the dashboard would be the best place to go, but when I try to add a Slider, it instead is having me create a post instead of a Slider. Can you help me figure out how to properly change the slider image on the homepage?

    There is another problem I am having. The services I created do not seem to show up on the homepage in any way. The Services have been created, but after publishing, they do not appear at all, The same goes for the Featured and About Us Section. It skips straight to the Work Section. How can I activate those sections?

    User Support

    Hello Oscar,
    We are sending you our theme step by step complete documentation link below. You may follow it to customize your site.
    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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