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    I try to make the website using the theme.
    I think everything is OK on the desktop computer, however, there is a problem when I show the developing website using a smartphone.

    When I show your demo site, the product is displayed with just one item on Category Page.
    demo site

    However, they are displayed with two products inside my website.
    my site

    How can I change the product lists in Product Category?
    I want to display the lists with just one product such as your demo site in a smartphone.

    And, there is a different width between a demo site and my site.
    If possible, please explain the method to modify a category list width (ex. display margin)


    Thank you for connecting with us,
    We got your issue, actually we have solved this issue recently so please download fresh theme again from http://www.luzuk.com “My Account” tab and use this theme,
    let us know if you need any other help from us,
    Thank You


    According to your comments, I installed this theme after downloading newly in My Account.
    However, there is no changing thing.

    So, I used a WinMerge program to compare two themes (installed theme vs. new download theme)
    Also, there are no changed files.

    I downloaded an installed theme on 2, October first.

    Is that version theme (2, October) an old theme?

    I need your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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